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LCR Connect, a next generation metro fibre network for businesses across the City Region

LCR Connect is the new joint venture created by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority. The flagship development between the Public and Private Sector will bring the latest connectivity solutions to help organisations expand and prosper in the Region, including councils, universities, and the NHS.

In partnership with ITS Technology Group and NGE, the venture will see a 212km full-fibre, ultrafast, gigabit-capable network infrastructure installed across the Liverpool City Region with access provided for all business areas.

Connecting all six boroughs within the region, the network will link key digital assets including Data Centres, BT exchanges, and landing stations for continental and intercontinental connections.

LCR Connect will position the Liverpool City Region as a Digital Connectivity Leader.

Network connectivity from today

Our technology partner ITS is a trusted provider of wholesale business communications and is a significant stakeholder in bringing LCR Connect Services to market.

Rollout of the network is happening now and ITS has multiple partners from whom customers can purchase services.

Contact LCR Connect today for access to information on service availability.

‘Early bird Offers and Incentives’

LCR Connect is keen to provide every organisation with service as soon as possible and special offers are available for those organisations who want to join now.

All customers ordering a service before 31 October 2021 will be given a 10% discount on the lifetime of their contract.

Even if full service is not yet available in your postcode LCR Connect can provide a range of early service solutions and will migrate your connection to the full network within 12 months.

Contact LCR Connect today to get ahead of the competition.

A quality network built by experts

LCR Connect is a joint venture built on the experience and credibility of its constituent organisations. The network benefits from the accreditations held by ITS Technology Group, including BSI ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Led by ITS, the venture can also deliver services as a part of various Government Procurement Frameworks.

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Thank you for registering your interest with LCR Connect.

We look forward to sharing our exciting plans with you.