The benefits of the ultrafast digital highway connecting with the creative sector

There has been a tremendous transformation in the world of digital connectivity over the past few years, everything is in the cloud, meetings are conducted over Teams and Zoom, and most things need WiFi – including the TV and the boiler!

Our dependence on digital connectivity is growing and we need it ultrafast. Lack of bandwidth becomes a problem in cultural venues and workplaces where digital video editing, music production and the large file sharing that accompanies this is the norm.

Cue LCR Connect’s entrance to the stage. This new digital highway will pass through all six local authority areas which make up the Liverpool City Region with no less than 212km of gigabit capable full fibre. It is a vital part of Mayor Steve Rotheram’s ambition to transform the Liverpool City Region into the most digitally connected area in the country.

Lack of bandwidth is no longer a barrier, this digital infrastructure lets you share data, ideas, and content at lightning speed, allowing for more efficient and innovative approaches.

“LCR Connect is enabling opportunities that would have been impossible before. Projects can be completed in real time allowing colleagues to collaborate as if they are in the same room and create new and innovative work. Crucial information can be accessed and downloaded in a much faster, more efficient manner meaning everyone, wherever they are based, can be more productive and less frustrated!”

Portfolio Holder for Culture, Tourism and The Visitor Economy for the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, Councillor Mike Wharton

Digital innovation is particularly relevant to the creative industry. Being able to access the same software, tools, and resources, professionals are able to work together on projects, or develop skills, regardless of their location.

Working remotely has already been a major boost to the creative sector. People can collaborate with colleagues and partners from virtually anywhere. Ultrafast connectivity is opening up that industry to a much wider, more diverse range of talent, allowing creatives to take on projects from all over the world.

That means quicker decision-making, better communication, and increased productivity.

For digital creatives LCR Connect can’t come soon enough. Better digital connectivity will support automation of tasks, processes, and content creation, freeing up time to focus on more strategic aspects of their work. Improved analytics will help measure the success of creative campaigns, allowing them to amend and adjust to achieve better results.

“We are living in a time which is more digitally connected than ever before, and the last few years have clearly shown what can be achieved through imaginative creation and sharing of work via digital platforms. I am so pleased to see that the Liverpool City Region will have access to an ultrafast digital highway. This will be a game changer for the arts and cultural sector in the area, enhancing the work of artists and creatives, as well as improving access to arts and culture for communities across the whole of the city region.”

Jen Cleary, Director North for Arts Council England said:

Yep, the £30m investment in LCR Connect will have a massive impact and we can’t wait…

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