Progress update: building fibre through the city region’s tunnels

The build of the 212km LCR Connect full fibre network continues to reach its milestones and is on track to be completed next year. With more than 40% installed, the engineering team have encountered some interesting obstacles to navigate while keeping it all on track.

Having recently crossed the Grade II listed Runcorn Bridge, while contending with the elements, the weather was not as much of an issue when the engineers took the fibre across to link the Kingsway and Queensway Mersey Tunnels from Liverpool across the water to the Wirral.

NGE’s LCR Connect engineers work through the night

The team installed two high-speed fibre cables in the confined spaces of the tunnels, the oldest of which is more than 90 years old having been built in the 1930s.

The two, four man teams worked through the night to minimise disruption to tunnel users. The engineers went below decks through manholes in the road, hand pulling 3km of each cable though the tunnel and up through the access points to ground level, joining Liverpool to the Wirral.

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