LCR Connect spotlight: 1Connect

Lee Wilson, managing director of 1Connect talks about how a lack of fibre access across the region has held back businesses from being able to take advantage of technologies that improve productivity, and how LCR Connect will be the key to ‘digitalisation’.

Tell us more about your business
Based in the region, we are a Value Added Reseller of data connectivity and IT networking solutions with over 25 years’ experience. We started out as an IT Reseller but have evolved to specialise in collaboration and connectivity solutions. We help our customers to increase their productivity by enhancing their business communications, speed up and secure their internet connection, and maximise the power of their networks and Wi-Fi. We want to help our customers embrace ‘digitalisation’ by offering competitively priced services that underpin their business needs.

How will LCR Connect support your own business objectives and those of your customers?
LCR Connect will help us to drive our connectivity growth and digital agenda by giving our customers access to full fibre that we can then deliver IT and communications services over the top. It will allow us to introduce services to businesses like hosted VoIP, cloud based applications, and collaboration tools that they wouldn’t have been able to use with the restrictions of poor or unreliable connectivity. LCR Connect will open doors to local businesses who haven’t had the choice or been able to afford services that enable them to grow. We will be able to help businesses to level up to what their competitors in other regions are doing, and we’ll be able to do this as a local business that people within the region can trust.

What current challenges do your customers face?
Not being ‘digital ready’, or being able to embrace the digital change that Covid and lockdown accelerated meant many customers couldn’t adapt to having people work from home. In 2020 over 80% of businesses fast tracked their digital transformation, and connectivity is key to this digitalisation.

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