LCR Connect partner spotlight: The PC Support Group

Phil Bird, CEO of the PC Support Group talks to LCRConnections about being competitive in a fast paced, ever-changing market, and the importance of access to Gigabit capable connectivity services.

Tell us about your business
The PC Support Group is dedicated to helping businesses and charitable organisations throughout the North West maximise their use of technology. We help them improve their productivity, reduce costs, and protect their business through exceptional IT, telecoms, and cybersecurity services.

With offices in Liverpool and Manchester we serve an extensive base of, predominantly North West-based, businesses, charities and schools that need outstanding, efficient, and highly effective support and service.

And the provision of connectivity?
We favour a holistic approach to ensure that the leased line fits with each organisation’s full needs in terms of cloud, security and data recovery etc. Any high speed leased lines we recommend must be reliable, competitively priced, scalable and give superb connectivity to allow businesses to use the full range of IT and VOIP services now available.

How do you think LCR Connect will benefit the City Region?
LCR Connect is key to boosting the Liverpool City Region’s economy, enabling businesses to make huge savings and efficiency gains through digital transformation, taking advantage of the latest technologies and cloud-based systems. Without the availability of fast internet connections, businesses simply can’t compete in our fast-changing, digitally connected world.

As many of our clients are North West-based we’re delighted to be partnering with LCR Connect so that we can offer a wider range of leased line services over a broader geographical area. Historically, providers haven’t been able to install the necessary infrastructure into certain areas around the North West but LCR Connect’s partnerships now enable this.

What do you think the appetite for Gigabit capable / full fibre services is?
As more businesses move increasing amounts of data between them and access more sophisticated cloud-based systems, the need for reliable Gigabit capable lines will continue to grow. Can you imagine trying to run a business now using a dial up modem? That’s what it will be like in the future for those businesses that don’t have high speed internet access.

Why is fibre important and what sectors are likely to benefit the most?
Any business can potentially benefit from high-speed internet access but certain sectors are already moving high volumes of data. Digital marketing agencies, for example, are already making greater use of video and often need to store data on local servers as they can’t upload and download large files fast enough to cloud systems. Gigabit lines could potentially transform how they operate.

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