LCR Connect: bridging the digital divide

Technologies including cloud services, hosted telephony, and automation are gamechangers for businesses.

Not only do these solutions, which offer the very latest enterprise-grade tech, increase productivity and collaboration, they also help small businesses to punch above their weight against their larger competitors.

Businesses that don’t embrace this technological revolution and invest in digital skills will inevitably be left behind.

The divide is more than IT skills and resistance to the internet

The phrase ‘digital divide’ is often used to describe a lack of IT skills or a belief that internet access is unnecessary. However, a digital divide has been created due to a lack of access to ultrafast connectivity which is needed to underpin cloud technologies – even for those businesses that have the desire, computing devices, and digital skills.

Full fibre underpins digital transformation

Many of LCR Connect’s Internet Service Provider and IT reseller partners have fed back how in the past it has been challenging to meet the demand for ultrafast services from businesses across the region using the existing infrastructure.

LCR Connect will be transformational, as the 212km purpose-built full fibre core network will connect key assets and business clusters across the Liverpool City Region, and will serve as a solid foundation to support cloud and other next generation services.

LCR Connect will allow businesses to compete and operate on the global playing field, underpinning growth, and attracting further investment to the region.

Currently under construction, LCR Connect offers complete flexibility, and is capable of delivering speeds of 100Mbps all the way to 40Gbps over the same network.

You can find our network availability checker and more about our build schedule here.

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