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    Why LCR Connect?

    Rapid delivery

    We will deliver connections fast, from the moment you order to going live.

    Budget conscious

    We will be more cost-effective than current alternatives, with a range of options available.

    Leading edge

    We use the latest technology, which means it's easy to scale and is more reliable.

    Owned by you

    Our network is majority owned by the Region and is being built to serve you.


    As it's owned by the region, our network and services can be tailored quickly to specific requirements.

    Digital future

    Designed to link business, commerce and citizens to Data Centres and the cloud, underpinning technologies such as 5G.

    Hybrid working

    Ensure your team can connect to a fast, secure and reliable network, wherever you are.


    Find a trusted service provider with sector and regional expertise through our technology partners.

    We partner with local providers who offer packages built for your bespoke business needs. Whether you’re an SME with lower bandwidth requirements, or a large-scale corporation relying on resource-intensive tech and cloud computing, LCR Connect is built for you.

    Explore our introduction to full fibre and find out more.

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